SPG USA, Inc is the U.S. office of SPG Co., Ltd which has accumulated long experiences on manufacturing geared motors, has substantial know how for pursuit of customer worth, maximizing motor performance and efficiency, and a wide scope of technical support.
Additionally we are so proud of our skilled engineers and technologically advanced facilities, which all make it possible to guarantee our customers with the best products not only to the domestic market, but also the international markets.
We have absolutely sufficient capacity to offer optical design, manufacturing and supports based on accumulated knowledge, and experiences.
WE ARE HERE TO SERVE/SUPPORT YOU LOCALLY!!! SPG USA, Inc serves customers with dedicated passions and efforts to satisfy any customer needs and requirements.
We have most our motors and gear heads in our facility here located in Schaumburg, IL. SPG USA, Inc also has distributors and representatives throughout United States to provide technical supports and delivery locally. SPG USA, Inc will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding our products and service.

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We will always try to serve you as best and sincerely as we can and offer your high-quality
products to create emotionally moving experiences for you.

Core Values


Customer Satisfaction

We create a corporate culture
that puts customer satisfaction
first by providing the best
quality and services.

Shareholder Satisfaction

We secure management integrity
by carrying out business as
efficiently and transparently as
possible and we maximize
shareholders’ interestby improving
the value of the company.

Employee Satisfaction

We recognize and respect the
dignity and value of our employees
and we provide equal opportunities
to all employees.

Value-Based Management

We strive to improve the value of
our customers, shareholders and
employees and we devote ourselves
to creating profits and value.


World's Largest Geared Motor and Precision Speed Reducer Company

Developing new products and
increasing exports

Establishing a shareholder,
customer and employee-centered
management philosophy

Achieving world-class quality,
competitiveness and
R&D technologies.